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What was the deal there w/ Shadowrun? Modern ork as hackers? Magic in gun world? Is it that Netflix show Bright?

If the mechanics function, I'd give it a whirl. Yet FASA puts no effort into the game design. They just write licensed campaigns cribbing over whatever they paid for. Star Trek rpg was crap on a crap sandwich. Dare I say the worst of Chaosium served with a double dose of FGU hours and hours character creation only to die at first contact w/ opponent. Sure glad I knew I was 4'5" and wt 85#, made a nice feast for those wolves.



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Bright was fun .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/30/2019) 
Shadowrun is like number 1 or 2 in Germany -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 6/30/2019) 
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