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Think it was an art thing ...


Since the two pages in the original books was mostly art and there was none in the book, it looks like the strongholds shifted to the later products where it returned including the wilderness adventures.

Cardinal Collville's book on Strongholds and such has arrived. I glanced at it and put it on the "later" pile. I should note, the paper was white and the fonts black ... +1 for that.

Without something to do at upper levels, the players tend to wander off to whatever the new thing is from WOTC. Somebody's guide to something else. Look! they have a new character class that does exactly what the old character class does but just distracts from the gaming.

With the hind site now of all the interesting "Euro" games, it seems a solid (simple) end game could be created. Unfortunately, to date, they feel bolted on. Perhaps the characters should have more visibility to their property as they grow in level. Tough to do in a weekly session when things need killing.


   Iron Conrad

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