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Theater of the Mind


Is that a new term, Theater of the Mind? I think he implies no tabletop placement of figures or maps. Imagine if you will....

Session Zero? A chance to sit down and make your characters and then...see how they meld, speed date? Reviewer thinks making a character is hard. Why? Seems to suggest an indifference to wanting to learn and desire to just download something. He may be referring to a backstory? He may actually mean reading is not part of play. Since the combat is de-emphasized in storytelling, why read to understand the mechanics. He even suggests using phone to take pictures of monster stats, because that is easier than flipping in the book to the page. Really? I'm sort of out of touch. Still think I can do it faster than someone swiping on a small phone. What's the Ac on rathog? Let me check and alphabetized index vs it got mixed in with my @#$%picts.

It's disheartening that someone is glad to pay $30 for this. Will admit there seems to be years of content if well managed. Okay, $30 for a yea's modules is a good price. Until the people you game with read ahead (their own copy); even though they say they didn't, they seem to know every twist.

I dislike premade scenarios. Just give me the dwarf fighter to play, taciturn without speaking, full contempt of those who do. Yeah, I role-play, chaotic-neutral, baby.



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