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Recently Gates said his biggest regret ....


... was not getting into the phone market more seriously ....

No doubt, Microsoft missed the chance at billions and billions of dollars.

The funny thing is if you made a great Windows phone and supported it ... just like you would have had to do 10 years ago, they could still seize a large portion of the market. You just couldn't charge the kind of inflated prices that the leader gets. One would need to be patient.

If you make a crappy phone, charge too much for it, and constantly signal the users you are going to get rid of it, you would do exactly what they did way back not so long ago.

I mention this because ... cell phones ... like chips are a commodity now. They are well understood and they technology takes years to implement. Intel and AMD know what each is working on. (They hire each other's dudes. How would they not.)

If they want to win, they have to take a risk and disrupt the market. Or, sit on your mountains of coins and be safe. Yea, do that.

Worst still ... I bet MS has the same problem that every big company has. The decision makers (and thus those that get the biggest rewards) aren't going to let another "line" of business distract the flow of money and attention into their line of business. That would be foolish.

If your company makes databases and are the dude at the top making bank on your databases. It would be foolish to allow some upstart convince the bosses to start making ice cream cones (not a real example). Because, if the ice cream cones business took off, your database golden goose would be threatened. So, you would subtlety make it go away.

MS didn't do the phone business now for the same reason they aren't doing the phone business now. They can't.


   Iron Conrad

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