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Emphasie Character Creation Because


The game may be chronically suffering from lack of referees. If the number of players (anecdotally expressed) is true, that D&D is having a renaissance, then they need Refs. Good ones, which requires confidence and experience. Shortcuts help, but seeing superior play is a must. Seeing stoic play is a must. Trying the Bishop Colville method from scratch is as bad as that sounds.

Even handing someone a module is not enough, because the skill comes in adapting not adhering. Too many options in D&D for a standard module to straight-up play.

So what's the company to do if they don't know how to create a farm system for Refs?

Easy, get the people buying the books to fantasy about what it would be like to be a hero. Fug actual play. They are turning a rather fine hobby into a study in daydreaming. Even reading most modules is a hackney way of seeing yourself in the story.

All these extra aspects of the character creation adds time, allowing the player to march in place while his slot at a table opens.

I don't completely damn them for adding this. I just want personality integrated into the actual play (as Growth), not slathered on at the beginning. I'm a fan of flaws. But I wouldn't want to add them before I've seen some of the Ref's campaign. I also would fear what the first ref then the next would do with them; D&D prides itself on how portable characters are. You can play anyone, anywhere! Such a load of crap. Imagine Luke dumped into the marshal's story of Sean Connery's Outland, High Noon in space.

But sure, I can think of a number of flaws that would add shock and awe to the typical hobby store sit down. Blazing Saddles perhaps? "You listed rape twice on your resume, you must really like rape?"



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