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Inkwell looks Interesting Too


I had seen Axebane's when it went through various KickStarters. While it intrigued me, it always seemed a bit forced. (Like it could be a better product with a little more thinking.) Seems good for a low level dungeon crawl.

This one is interesting as well:

(World Architect Cards for Far Away Land)

After a bit of thinking, it seems like one could make a more interesting crawler by listing rooms rather than trying to make them all jigsaw together.

Guard Room connects to Long Hall connects to Deep Crevasse connects to Underground River.

Use the space on the cards to set flags and such. (Danger +1, Level +1, Boss = Dark)

Throw in some Monster dice ....


(Though I think if you made your own, you could get more interesting options.)

And, you would be good to go.

Perhaps I'm over thinking the problem.


   Iron Conrad

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