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If it works?


Practice like you intend to play. Could be a blessing, could be where bad habits get born?

Is there any easy answer to people who want to game and don't have a ref? Better state than what I heard often in the nineties: the opposite as too many refs could not find players. We had no internet. I scooped-up many of the talented convention refs in Los Angeles.

Wizards could hire people to demo their products, pay min-wage, go hobby store by hobby store, have an online service of ready refs. They could even make their own videos? But I haven't seen any? Is there a How to ref D&D 5e master class?

They could also automate some of this work. But, they may be too corporate (as Conrad pointed out in otehr posts on computer companies stalled). Why should they if people buy and love starter sets, even when they don't ever get a chance to use them.

Where once we were chronic and broke; new flock of gamers seem flush with cash. Life is good. Where's my free stuff.



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