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Begs a Sad Question


Attack ships indeed; how did they get to Orion?

Is Decker a replicant in the latest version? The blood on his forehead here seems to suggests not possible. His weakness suggest not. But, sure, toss some ideas around and go for it.

Author died rather young; he thought he was invincible and didn't like being told what to do, like see a specialist if your eyesight is failing. Two strokes later, he never saw the this bit of cinematic history.

Gone at age 52? A lesson not to dawdle in life; you don't have much time. We are all born with an expiration date.



Message Replies:
Only way to detect Replicants is .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 7/25/2019) 
Flew to Orion in 2019 -- red (posted: 7/25/2019) 
He had a lot of credits under his belt -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 7/25/2019) 
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