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Only way to detect Replicants is ....


... the Voigt-Kampff test ... you see a turtle in desert flipped on it's shell ... what do you do?

... or I assume you dissect them.

They were manufactured humans is my understanding with memories created for them.

Decker tests the girl (Rachael), a one off, said to not have the off switch in her DNA. Maybe.

Is Decker a replicant? Aren't we all?

The scene continues:

It's too bad she won't live ... but then again ... who does.

Didn't they discuss how the stuff got to Orion. They flew it there with the replicants in cold storage. Doing the jobs that the hummies wouldn't do.

I think the story is meant to take place in .... 2019.

I, posted it because Rutger Hauer passed today (hey snuck it in). He was great in Lady Hawk as well.


   Iron Conrad

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Flew to Orion in 2019 -- red (posted: 7/25/2019) 
He had a lot of credits under his belt -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 7/25/2019) 
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