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I chuckled


Scene could have had a basis in reality, actually. Many 40ish aged writers did play D&D in the 80s. This series, Goldbergs, is about that kid who will one day write the series. he may have video of his D&D play at the end to prove it. The wife watcheds the show, but didn't tell me about this episode (wonder when it aired).

Another good impression of D&D and captured the game well was Freaks and Geeks.


Don't think the actors knew what they were doing (don't think actors in Stranger Things are authentic either), but Apatow's description of a new player experience is what I remember for all the games I ran with people who would play once and never again (yet seemed to have fun).

I never in my life used a Ref screen so that is still incomprehensible in my mind. D&D being cool? No, it's not. It's a joke for the modern viewer not a real lifestyle to admire for fellowship.



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As long as you are happy -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 7/25/2019) 
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