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Code? No. Cypher, yes.


Well, color Lord Baileigh surprised! He must have missed a message on the road.

I did, in the narrative, specify Porse ordering the weight, wrap and drop to leave somewhere a high-level NPC could smuggle Pope to safety. Then again the conceit of Bailey and Nemo being sent to bring back Pope only came up when sitting to write. As Bailey's last stated action was returning to Marseilles to offer Percy his services with the press, it was a logical motivation... But I'd already selected him when we were told Pope was dead!

Never mentioned in narrative, and only for BG color, Bailey is writing in a simple substitution cypher (example, A=1,etc) with a "clever" twist - the last letter of a sentence specifies the "starting letter" for the next. Using the prior sentence as an example, for this sentence, 1=t,where the next is 1=s. And so on.

Splitting at the two points where the scenario said we wrote Percy also seemed logical. And, since I'm working nights and doing kegal stuff during the day I can at least trickle these out.


   Out of character Mike

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