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My Brain sees 2 obvious things ...


(1) As you mention, click a button and get a real encounter you could use anywhere.

You come upon 4 guys on the side of the road at night with a fire. They look to be adventurers well equipped and sitting about the fire talking among themselves.

Do you join them?

If you are pleasant and look non-threatening, they will share their meal with you.

If you look competent, they may invite you to their quest to enter a nearby cave to recover a bandit treasure.

The leader is Marco the Bold. There are four others about the fire that you can see: Anzo, Murphy, Young Donnie, and Grodo the man beast.

Are there more in the woods waiting to strike if you misbehave? Is the treasure real? Is this a ghostly apparition?

With a few rolls, you got as much amusement as the players want.

And, (#2) Rather than a made up CR, let the Ref select the combatants and hit "Go". And the page will fight them to the death 10 times (or fight them to say morale break). Not a turn a click ... just go and it fights to the objective and displays the results.

Players win 80% of time. Do you take that fight?

Let the Ref play with the creatures to discover what works. No need for a made up CR. Run it 20 times and find out who wins.

Learn your craft gentlemen and ladies.


   Iron Conrad

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