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A few more notes for Tony and Conrad


Bailey's narrative ends before the game did. Logical place to stop. Here's what else happened (assuming you didn't just watch the stream)

We're in the Climax Map of "Lady's House" in Turin.

We entered the Unclaimed Acreage and crossed a Wedding with display of skill to avoid combat. That was a dead end, so we went back through the Unclaimed then south. We got jumped by four Fasci Friars who became five. Killed em all in three card flips.

Rumor/Information: I'm not certain if "Oedipal" is the correct description for what Henri of France did that got him disowned, but the Church surely wouldn't accept his Aunt Antionette as Queen....

I look forward to justifying how your characters suddenly appear in Spain. I'll just assume PC reinforcements are the Queen event that got us into the Climax map.


   Chronicler Mike

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