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Microsoft stops supporting Windows Seven, but it doesn't vanish? Or am I missing something?

I could still run Diablo on a Win95 machine if I had one. May even run better, since Diablo in Win7 or Win10 has graphics problems I overcome by leaving the screen saver choices open. Why does that work? The hackers have left alone WinMe. I have install discs for WinXPProf and a machine that runs them. That machine also ran classic WoW.

Win10 was free at first, now costs a fortune. I read somewhere that its lower cost to buy older machine for the OpSys.

Non-machine language programmers blow chunks. So little chance for perfection. Missed the chance for realID which would have made intertubes civil. Each lad in the land one handle.

Firstname.Middlename.Lastname+sequentialnumber(as needed). Issued by Post Office.

Make Alphabet enforce it to use search engine or give that code to NASA to manage. All problems solved or at least accountable. Yet making my PC more like a tablet and sync to a phone (stall, stall) seemed more important for some reason (money).

FACEBOOK?!? Stop being women and checking your face in the mirror (every time you pass one).



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Oh it will still work -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 8/6/2019) 
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.... give that code to NASA to manage ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 8/6/2019) 
Ye of little Faith -- red (posted: 8/7/2019) 
NASA Today? Hard No. -- Iron Conrad (posted: 8/7/2019) 
Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 8/7/2019) 
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