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Your Network card has an ID in it ...


I assure you, they know who you are.

In truth, your IP address doesn't change much plus your provider knows who had the IP when everything was done.

The network card is a unique identity and it goes with you to the internet.

Three websites in, they got you even on a stranger's machine.

The internet is an offensive journey down the scatalogical highway because that is what the consumer
and his master wants.

The good news: You don't have to go to the overly colorful and rude sites. The bots there won't miss you.

I'm seeing free downloads of Win 10 all over the place? Am I missing something?


I'm using Win 7 Pro at work. To move us to Win 10 is a year long process. Since we haven't started, it's more than 6 months out. Win 7 will be "patched" for years to come.

Again, the user only cares what the "Finder" looks like. Microsoft only cares about the internal guts. Why don't they maintain the "Finder" and just replace the guts quietly in the background?


   Iron Conrad

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