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Ray Tracing and USB 4 are probably what


Is causing the delay.

USB 4 it's still coming..any day now. Meanwhile X570 boards without it are selling like hotcakes.

I fully expect a X670 to be released with onboard Ray Tracing graphics and USB 4. Probably in December.

The demo looks crap because non Ray Tracing PC.


AMD says Ray Tracing is coming soon. In the meantime buy a 5700XT!

I hear rumors that NVIDIA 2080ti will barely be able to run Ray tracing. The entire RTX Line was rushed out.

Meanwhile peeps are going nuts for Dual PC in one case designs. Either Micro Itx and ATX or Micro Itx and Micro Itx. AMD still threatening Intel with Threadripper 3rd Gen. In the meantime we have EPYC to drool over.


   Fredrick Rourk

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