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Liberation of New France


Same Rules apply with these three antagonists: England, Corn people, Tomato People, Avacado people and Pepper People. The players start with allies: Pineapple People, Slave Colony of Incago, Freeport of Alexandria, Protectorate of Japan. The Republic of Frane is also involved as a Wild Card.

Here are the diplomatic percentages: Negative Influence / Neutral / Positive Influence (Total 100%)

England (85/15/0)
Corn People (95/5/0)
Tomato People (75/20/5)
Avacado People (65/35/0)
Pepper People. (50/40/10)

Pineapple People (45/0/55)
Colony of Incago (5/50/45)
Freeport of Alexandria (25/25/50)
Protectorate of Japan (0/20/80)

Republic France (35/50/15)



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Two Swashbucklers stand ready -- Chronicler Mike (posted: 9/25/2019) 
Bloody Jack Harmon is there too .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/25/2019) 
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