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Two Swashbucklers stand ready


Lord Bailey is prepared to fight for Noire. The disgraced Admiral L'eonce, among the Founders of New France will forsake his mad quest to find Bourbon in order to liberate the territories he helped bring into France's Bosom.

Mayhaps the King of the Pineapple People might appear after long absence to galvanize his people. Perhaps the Viceroy will defend his waters. Surely the misguided and dangerous Diaz is responsible for the negative influence in Alexandria.

As far as I know the Overseer of the Incago remains a zero-level, but the man's skills show him as cryel and ruthless.

As long as the mysterious Koreans don't sail in and blast everything, we got this.


   Chronicler Mike

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Bloody Jack Harmon is there too .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 9/25/2019) 
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