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A few thoughts on the mechanics


Had a little bit of a chat with Conrad after the session and had a few ideas to consider for the next complex war.

Suggestion: To simplify record keeping, perhaps instead of a percentage of negative, neutral and positive you could have a track, five wide:

Strongly opposed, Lightly Opposed, Neutral, Favorably Inclined, Allied.

Instead of the percentage roll, we're just rolling a 9 with a +/- modifier (2 or 3) for any nation that isn't neutral.

So, for a Strongly Opposed nation, we would roll a 15 (9 with two -3 mods). Opposed is a 12, neutral a 9, Favorable a 6, Allied a 3? Or go with a +/- 2 modifier so the numbers become 5, 7, 9, 11, 13?

Then you could move the stone to the next part of the track instead of adjusting a list of numbers, and the roll would be in the standard Cutlass 2d8 instead of suddenly adding percentile dice decades later?

That said, this does narrow down the possible rolls by a lot, and would change your success values. Perhaps for certain countries a success only results in a "half change?" (needs another similar result to move the track)

Anyways, first thoughts based off play.

Otherwise, it's obvious the Ref had decided on the new boundaries before (and of prior session you'd said several Olde World countries were basically gone), so we had a good game, and Tony should be happy that we all worked hard to make certain Marshal Duclos remains in control of his lands.


   Rules Lawyer Mike

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