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Lord Bailey Baylee Baileigh doesn't actually want to be adventuring. He wants to be at home with his wife and children. An avowed Royalist, he actually does believe in a rule of Law, and he has a strong sense of honor.

While his desire to be with his family is his dream, his honor is what drives him. He returned to action to try to prevent the assassination of King Maxime. The King was slain on Bailey's watch, ergo, it's his fault. Honor drives Bailey to try to restore the glory of the French Monarchy. Bonadventure, a brother of the Vert who was of lineage was who Bailey put his hopes in.

King of Rogues? As I said in play, Admiral L'eonce would jump at the chance. So would Hugo, Salty Pete or Joseph le Marin. Bailey? That would make him King of Crime and he'd be unable to return to his Estate and family.

There will be consequences? Let them come. Bailey will face them with the self-assurance his fanaticism provides.

Thing about Bailey... I don't think he is destined for a happy life. Best case would be getting Bonaventure on the throne. Bailey would retire back to his Estate, blissfully unaware he's still a cuckold. Else, he'll probably get himself killed one day soon.

If France has truly fallen and the line of Bonadventure is no more, then Bailey has no purpose.

Oh, a reminder. Bailey took a Fame Ignoble for slaying Henri. He's an enemy of the Russian Tsar. He's slain TWO Tortennsens. He's known for his publications, including the Chronicles of the Vert. There were already multiple powerful factions with reason to attack him. What's one more band of ruffians?


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