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Carolingan-Bonadventure lines are... Gone?


PCs Jasc Bonaventure, Chip Wildmoon and Kit Wildmoon live!

I'll assume the "lines are gone" refers more to the fall of France, the loss of a power base, and the relocation of their families rather than the slaughter of the family?

Cuz if the families are dead, then Conrad and Rusty should be able to check a Growth Ignoble or something from the campaign event.

That said, at least for Lord Baileigh, if Jasc Bonaventure lives, so does the Royal line.


   Chronicler Mike

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No one to Vouch for them -- red (posted: 9/26/2019) 
Least she got the Disney movie ... -- IronConrad (posted: 9/26/2019) 
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