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Needed a Freebooter Option


While I liked the option to pillage the fields of the Russian peasants ala JEB Stuart, some of us care not of the tinkering of Generals. One Tyrant is the same as another.

But ... in War ... there is opportunity for profit. Things disappear. Fees are collected. Fortunes are made.

Let the petty minds scribble lines on maps dictating to who ye shall bow in reverence as you travel in streets of filth. Hail to thee Conquering Cretin ... Erect a statue for your children to defile.

Rename a place from Paradise to Hades, yet the same masters hold the whip and share it generously. It is still the same stone and mud.

Let the spit and polish gang march each other up to Madam Guillotine over who has the best salad dressing and the proper waist coat length. Smart men will retire comfortably after the war with our vaunted title and chests of loot.

Well ... it's one way to go.



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Only fee a man needs are boots -- red (posted: 9/26/2019) 
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