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Don't have HBO, but...


Sounds like Lindolf (show runner) is up to his too-clever storytelling again.

This is a sequel to the 1980's Watchmen comics and/or the 2009 movie. (The movie only tells about half the story of the comics.)

So it sounds like Lindolf hasn't bothered to give you the backstory, since, y'know, Rohrschach's story has already been told. Twice.

Rohrshach absolutely would inspire the wrong cause. He was a crazy conspiracy theorist in the 1980's story, and the end of the original is his journals of crazed rantings being delivered to the newspaper he sent it off to shortly before his murder at the hands of Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandius. Why? Ozymandius manufactured a fake global alien threat to unify the warring nations of Earth against a fictional outside threat (Dr Manhattan in the film, a total fake alien in the comics). Rohrshach was going to expose said conspiracy, so...

Honestly, that's pretty much all you need to know about the original Watchmen. Everything else is character development for characters that are dead at the time of the HBO show.

Rohrshach is a "parody" of "The Question." His mask is a white fabric with a black oil suspended in the layers. The ink flows in patterns, hence the code-name "Rohrshach." His mask made his face one inkblot test.

In the meantime, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is really well done (2 ep in), and Laura doesn't remember the original movie. I'm enjoying how, so far, the prequel hasn't blown all the movie backstory. I'll get to see how Laura reacts to some of the really dark stuff I know is coming. I wonder how SkelSil is going to turn the Arthrym into the Garthim... Cuz the only thing nastier than giant spider Arthrym is gonna be the giant flea-crab Garthim.

I note Laura has a serious phobic reaction to fleas, so she's REALLY not gonna enjoy the Garthim...


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