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I did get killed three times today in PvP. Yet nothing like what I recall (2004). Alliance on Rattlegore is hit and run, not yet camping bodies or destroying towns. They may not get there w/ the density I'm seeing. Horde everywhere on my server. I hardly stealth, so I get sloppy like today.

Starting to see lvl sixty bored and roaming roads. Plenty of people farming resources, like Elemental Water. They tend to kill the Mobs needed for quests, but you can chat w/ them and get them to group or back off. That's Horde side; not sure how Alliance gets same benefit. May also be why more are now frustrated. Most of time I see Alliance and they run. Or see Alliance chars questing in pairs or trios for more security.

Got hit by a pair of gnomes trying to use fear on people to run off boat between Ratchet and Booty Bay. Tough to fear Undead so they just slew me. Magic guys are still real powerful in damage delivery. They die plenty against monsters, especially in end game. You often see them in fields farming lower lever mobs ten or more at a time using Cold holds and then area damage kills.

There was one clever griefer who sat inside the Bank NPC at Booty Bay. Anyone (myself included) that just right-clicked to open the bank instead attacked the gnome (hate those imps) and then got killed by Goblin Bruisers. Nice funny tactic. Wish I recorded the event, but wasn't willing to die twice to get the video.

I think what the reviewer said is very true, that people are older (as players) and have limited time. Still lots of stupid names, but chat shows a greater sophistication on the baser humor. A player can spend an hour griefing or an hour trying to get that next good drop or 1/8th up the next level. Not a guild player, but I can see how Dreamfoil I'm putting on Auction is bought immediately. There are some deep pocket Guild buyers playing their roles.

I'm at around twelve total play days of time w/ my Rogue. I do mess around and run all over w/o much good planning. I fish, cook and not in a big hurry. Still few Epic Mounts to be seen, during the periods I play off-hours. A casual gamer of ten hours a week would barely have two days of play. They'd be in Stranglethorn right now. I'm in Plaguelands (hating it mostly).

I'm not the Europeans that advanced and killed Onyxia in the first week (different server). Guilds coming over from private servers are magnificent. Part of the reason the Auction House has dirt cheap Blue gear. I have two Blue daggers, backstab city when I help someone else. Grind-grind high DPS and low speed factor to apply poisons on PvE. My main BANE are elementals; immune to natural damage poison.

I'm sort of bored but generating video content (for later) and will reach sixty sometime, barring external life change. I should be finished long before year's end and start work on Golden Age City Avengers. (Still working on a name.)



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