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According to the Showrunner...


...the show is set in an alternate 2019.

Yeah, I'm gonna tout Dark Crystal again...

See, if you guys are watching Watchmen, and you're not sure when the show is set, and the show has eliminated so much backstory from the original material that you guys aren't certain who the important "historical" character is, and you can't buy the sociology, even after having the backstory laid out, then you're watching a show that's badly written. OBJECTIVELY badly written, because if the story is confusing the audience (and you guys sound confused, not intrigued by a mysstery), then it's bad writing.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Well, I remember the original movie well. Laura does not. At no point was she confused by the backstory, character motivations, etc. While she's not quite anticipating the same nastiness as I am (there are some unpleasant things that have to happen to get to the movie), she's not confused by the story, and is/was intrigued by the mysteries.

Does it look "dated?" Maybe. It's puppets, so the Gelflings aren't always as expressive as they should be, but Aughra, the Skesis and the Mystics.... holy hell are they amazing!

But, *ahem* not to put a massive declaration on anything, or anything, but, um, if you are capable of still enjoying, say, Classic Trek or Space 1999, or any type of theatrical play/opera, etc, then "The show looks cheap/fake" isn't a viable excuse to not enjoy it. It's all about the story. :-)

And Watchmen seems to be so badly written that only the guy in the conversation who isn't watching the show knows "when it's set" and that's only from reading interviews with Damon Lindolf before deciding to NOT watch the show. (Lindolf has never done anything that meets my standards for story logic or character, so why give him another chance? Lost sucked, Lens Flare Trek 1 and 2 sucked (Lens Flare Trek 3 was watchable.... and it was written by Simon Pegg, not Lindolf), Tomorrowland sucked, the World War Z movie sucked... Lindolf has not produced or written anything I've ever liked ever, and he's been in the industry since the 1990's!


   Read the Interviews Mike

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