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Something I missed first time around. In the original Watchman only Dr. Manhattan had true superpowers. Ozymandius MIGHT have superhuman intellect, or might just be a "normal" genius. It's unclear. The rest of the original Watchmen were unpowered vigilantes. Night Owl was the only one who was a Batman-type gadget guy.

So I'd expect the heroes in the show to be unpowered.

Back to Rorschach: in the original comics he is blatantly and overtly racist, sexist and homophobic as well as a conspiracy nut. His entire MO is beating the crap out of people he doesn't like. Watchman's author, Alan Moore has said of Rorschach he is there to "make fun of" (Ayn) Randian ideals, that Rorschach is "not to be considered a hero,"

Moore continued, “But I had forgotten that actually to a lot of comic fans that smelling, not having girlfriend—these are actually kind of heroic. So actually, sort of, Rorschach became the most popular character in Watchmen. I meant him to be a bad example, but I have people come up to me in the street saying, ‘I am Rorschach! That is my story!’ And I’ll be thinking, ‘Yeah, great, can you just keep away from me and never come anywhere near me again as long as I live?’”

Watchman artist Dave Gibbons has said of Rorschach, “I put him in the same kind of bag as Hitler... —you might not like [him] but you can’t deny that there’s something very attractive about someone who has no grey areas.”

So, yeah, Rorschach absolutely would inspire White Supremacists. He was one.

Where Rorschach seems to gain audience sympathy from those who overlook how odious he was is that this sad, violent, insane conspiracy theorist who spent his life cataloging non-conspiracies bungles into a real conspiracy - one with a "benevolent" goal, but executed through one act of horrifying mass murder - run by one of his "friends" (or, at least former teammate), and the friend murders him for the discovery.

I own the original. You're welcome to borrow if you care enough, or you can accept my fresh analysis (from a fresh re-read) is correct. But, Rorschach was no hero, and those "fanboys" defending him as one are merely telling us things about themselves.


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