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Shoulda listened to the Cimmer...


...when a CIMMER proposes a non-combat solution, it's gotta be a good one.

Mourn not for one Walker... There are thousands more (I still think there may be more Walkers than Immunes *cough* ROPHORODO! *cough*... But those Androxians are sworn to slay those who take MRD, which makes them a threat to all.

Plus, the Androxians use terrorist tactics and murder non-combatants. There's no joy or honor in that. Captured Androxians don't even deserve to have their weapons returned for a second fight. They should be trimmed and discarded like a withered bud*.

*Now that Cimmer are defined plant-people, are their young still "Joey" as in the 1990 notes? I now assume they reproduce through budding - hence the above.


   Groot the Cimmer

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Just my check on Subtlety -- red (posted: 10/26/2019) 
Yes, but... -- Groot the Cimmer (posted: 10/26/2019) 
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