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Guess it worked out we didn't play?


If you So-Cali folks saw anything about the Castlewood Fire and it's evacuations, that was us.

Would have sucked to have to bow out of the game because of a fire evacuation.

For the record, we're fine, fire only got to a half mile from us (which is close enough for worry) With three available lakes within a five minute radius and being within a five minute drive of three Fire Stations rezpinse teams got it under control within three hours, but evac wasn't lifted till morning. No damage. Some houses were damaged, none lost, so our area was far more fortunate than residents near other wildfires.

As a side note, we boarded the cats at a local vet's. By the time they opened, we were too tired to get them. They had to wait until late afternoon to come home. Since the Miller family moved in in 1982 last night/today was the only time ever no cats have been in the house, and the absence... Man, weird vibe!


   Adventure Ignoble Mike

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