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Oh, fine, let's look at the cargo list again


Presumably New Vert needs to diversify? Can we assume the triangle trade is still running, or did slavery get widely banned during the turmoils?

Red has noted this stuff has been sitting around on the docks, in some cases for years... So...

Barley Corn Seeds: Shelf life of corn seed is a couple of years. Three year old seed? Maybe 1 of 7 germinates. Leave?

Ansbach Imported Horse Oats: Horse Oats start decomposing after a year... It's probably moldy. Leave it.

Draft Mules: Mules? Man if they've been penned for a couple of years, they're probably in terrible shape. Leave?

Needles and Pins: useful in making clothes and stitching wounds. How well are they packed? Ferrous metal and salt water equals rust. Take?

Pipe Organ: This is about religion and morale. Cam ww find out the leanings of the colony? Historically music and pomp is more Catholic, less Protestant. If the colony is pushing Puritan they won't want this.

Thread Dies: Assuming we mean the dies for spinning thread, not DYES for coloring, well... See needles.

Bronze Cast for 20 lb mortar round: bronze is durable and should be fine. The cast should be viable. Now, does the colony have mortars? Take?

Assorted pieces of Aquamarine Glassware: Trade item or luxury item? Good for morale, but fragile. Take?

Iberian Leek Seedlings: Leek seeds are viable for about two years. But seedlings implies plants. As noted for other items, above, old seeds won't grow. Take plants, leave seeds.

Potted Shrubbery: This will make the Knights who say Ni! happy.

Stamp Press (for coins): for what govt? Kingdom and Republic of France are gone. If this press is for French currency, are those coins still taken?

Quicksilver Tonic: Let's not poison the colonists, shall we?

Pair of Tabby Cats (litter and dry feed). Cats eat rats. Dung fertilizes plants (although with colonists and crew we're coveres). Take two cats, by the time we arrive, we have eight. Again, it'll take a couple of generations before an expanding cat population messes with the ecosystem. Also, Leon likes cats (duh, he's "The Triple Lion!"), so we all know how he'll vote.


   Mike Myke Mique

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