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My Solution, Set of Supplies


Barley Corn Seeds (Worthless, mold)
Ansbach Imported Horse Oats (No horses in colony)
Draft Mules (Okay)
Needles and Pins (Okay)
Pipe Organ (in pieces too complicated to assemble)
Thread Dies (Okay)
Bronze Cast for 20 lb mortar round (Okay)
Assorted pieces of Aquamarine Glassware (for dead gov)
Iberian Leek Seedlings (wilt in soil)
Potted Shrubbery (for dead gov)
Stamp Press (for coins for dead gov)
Quicksilver Tonic (for dead gov)
Pair of Tabby Cats (escape shortly after start, later free in New World)


Each Specialist (all rather worthless at sea) and each cargo (all rather worthless at sea) will cause roll as follows:

Special Death loss compare on Total of Twenty Specs and Cargo vs Degree of Action
Fourteen up: lose a sailor, specialist or PC wound or full D8 more children.
Eleven to thirteen: Nearly Impossible to avoid 14+ loss.
Eight to ten: Tasking to avoid 14+ loss.
Seven or less: Difficult to avoid 14+ loss.



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