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Sure1 Here'e the prior stats


I mean, obviously "Royal Charter" is going away, but assign some damage, tell me how much of his fortune Leon spends, and I'll update the sheets. You'll be getting updated sheets for Leon and Bailey to add to the NPC file (update, in Leon's case).

"he "Lion's Pounce"

*Good Traits*
Battle Ready
Seasoned Crew
Royal Charter
Article Vigilant

*Bad Traits*

Three decks, 600 tons.
Speed Factor:5 (6 when Leon or another Swash is at the helm)
Crew: 60 Sailors
Marines: 75 Musketeers
Cannon: 10 bronze culverin (of a possible 12)

Leon's character sheet indicates he 8000Db of credit with the Fuggars and another 1000Db of (Lichtenstein) Papal credits. Chances are, with the wars and Leon falling into disgrace with King Maxime Leon has no other resources that could be pulled from his Admiral Pay or his Private Estate (Leon was born Lordly). Still, 8K in doubloons credit... By the Book One rules, that should be enough to fix her up. A 600 ton three-deck Galleon would cost 4800 for the hull and another 4500 to arm.

So, damn nice of you to spare her. Soon enough the Pounce shall again stalk the seas, ready to take place in all manner of NPC shenannigans - worse for wear (Leon shouldn't have taken her to sea without a hull inspection after she sat idle, in port, for years), but ready to explore new seas with her pyrate crew.

And I don't have to think up a name for a new ship! (Red Fang)

Yes, I was aware of how much Leon had banked. Figured the worst that would happen is he'd impoverish himself to buy a new vessel. *smiley*


   Mike Myke Mique

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