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I added the Virtues late in design as broad objectives. As we game over the weeks (months), I may make a weighted formula based on events, like the Ossetians. Maybe it will be Defend Your Life at the point when Rostov is populated and truly open for business. "Will you fight for me?" is the ultimate test of vassals.

The healing wand is not what it appears to be, yet will help stop the plagues. The decision to heal the sick city-states was not something I ever considered as I tossed icons and ideas at the map. Should be fun for all. I suspect I will be surprised too.



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Wand of Healing???? -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 11/15/2019) 
Remember the Shield of Ein... Um... However it's spelled. -- Mike, son of Mike (posted: 11/15/2019) 
einherjar -- red (posted: 11/15/2019) 
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