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Arcane Wizardry...


And no-one tried to raise the slain Necromancer. Odd, that, as one would think a Necro would WANT to be raised, and all that...

When Red said at 7:48pm this would be the last battle of the night, I inwardly scoffed. Then, 20 henchmen were added... Yup, the battle took over an hour of real time. It was getting tense at the end. There weren't anymore Aces, Kings or 9's in the deck (cards I knew gave a kill chance, a lot of those Major Tarot are "take a wound," and we HAD to have been getting close to the Wheel. No reshuffles in tonight's session...

Oh, the Cutlass Tool has been updated. I fixed the errors in the Recitation Tables. A long night, hunched over an arcane tomb, deciphering ancient runes. The red runes of blood... By the time the occult work was fully deciphered, the laughter of the gremlins filled my ears like tinnitus.

No, never mind, I just have tinnitus!


   Mike, son of Mike

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