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I watched about a minute ...


... before I realized I would never get this time back.

It would be one thing if this was a Spinal Tap mockumentary of some hard hitting piece but I sense this seems real to somebody?

Based on the few words here, this was some dude that others hopeless shlubs thought was doing something important playing an inconsequential game?

Later he was mean to someone and made noises with his mouth that someone thought was bad?

Do we have clear evidence he dismembered anyone and stored them in his freezer ... or ... is this just ... the dude's a dumb ass? Is only one dismembered corpse enough to earn a video in today's world? Pretty sure you got to get into the dozens.

What possible thing in his history would suggest he wouldn't be a dumb ass? Did he take years to study a difficult skill and then figure out the cure for cancer or at least baldness or tooth decay. Did he attempt to find some spiritual piece and spread it among the world or did he just benefit from his DNA and can jam a small ball in a metal hoop because of his size and the selection of his slave made shoes. Did he at least invent a better marmalade?

Or, did he just take longer breaks from masturbation than the other 16 year olds who play video games so ... he could spasm the controls faster?

I mean ... uh ... it's a game designed by other people to get you to play. You know to win is to not play? Did we all forget the message from War Games?

Someone summarize here so I can get back to my warlock ... Scarlet Monastery awaits. Those little Pope hats don't loot themselves.


   Iron Conrad

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