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I disagree, mostly, with Red's assessment. Other than the plunger arm (no time + no money in 1963,thinking it was a disposable design), the design of a Dalek casing is absolutely brilliant as a mini-tank for an organic mutant.

But, sadly, this prank used a New Paradigm Dalek. The design that took everything that actually works in a Dalek's visual design and screwed it up. The NP Daleks took everything intimidating about the Dalek psyche and threw it away. The NP Daleks were such a huge failure that their actual canonical fate was to be completely wiped out, off screen, by another faction of Daleks that doesn't suck.

But I do vehemently disagree with Red that the Daleks are the worst villains ever. There are far lamer villains in Sci-fi, like, say, the Borg (which are ripped off from another Doctor Who villain), or Bele and Lokai - which one was white on the left and black on the right, or which one was white on the right, and black on the left? Dunno. Ineffective villain, heavy-handed (even for Trek) metaphor, and horrible execution.

Why, those Daleks are a much nastier metaphor for violent racism!


   The 13th Mike

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