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Law Six is Always My Answer


VI. Some things can never be understood.


Force flows in channels in directions. Force can be anything with agency and potential power. So Gravity and Electromagnetics would only be created out of nothing by BREAKING Law I. Gravity was seen as the attraction of Earth Element to Earth Element and Air to Air (Greek science close to medieval campaign with magic.) Sure, if you know Physics use it in the game. I'd just sort of call it lightning strikes on horizontal rather than air to ground. Flight of an arrow in a channel might be altered, swing of a sword in a channel (arc) altered to rebound into a warrior.

The planes do not meet. So breaking Law IV allows you to cross. Outlands, try Celestial or Cosmic.

BREAKING Law VI allows you to know what you normally can't. I know not what a cat is thinking. With Magic I can. I know not what happens tomorrow. Break Law VI and have divination.

The questions were by someone who does not own the game. Sheesh...it's five bucks?!?

In the rules, there were also some very fine examples in terms of game rolls and outcomes from which to extrapolate. The game rules also had more than the law list. It gave a paragraph or more of details for each. If $5 is too much, buy Hugo for buck and get almost the same thing.

Law VI is the only one not found as Swaggering in Outlands. Hard to divine random dice, and some things should be a surprise.



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