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Just tell the OP that the Laws of the Universe are merely rough categories of magic. One Law is acceleration/heat/energy, another is affects matter, a third affects space/time/planes of existence, etc, and Law VI is the catch-all.

Forces flow in fixed channels? Sheesh. Gravity pulls down. Change the direction of gravity? That's magic Law I. People are people. Wanna grow wings? Law II. Not that hard, and why the hell can't people THINK?

(Gee, I must be responding to this after a run on the VFX forum I moderate where I had someone say "I have the same problem and can't find the answer," to which my response was "And I answered that in the comment directly above yours," while omitting my mental "read the damn thread before you 'me too.'" Probably the three other questions that could have been answered in a Google search in less time than it takes to type the question, and the shmuck who created seven threads of the same question and posted the same question in five exant threads have ended my tolerance for stupid tonight.)

It's Free-Style and will change depending on the Ref anyway.

For my Pangaea rules (Red, a name change will come - probably "The Pangaea Cataclysms") I totally ripped off the concept, but expanded to 10 Laws (everything in those rules is in 10's), which basically just re-parses Barony's six laws into more specific Laws. So I have kinetic energy as one Law and Radiant energy as another. You can generate heat from either one. ;)

Some people can't handle "roll your own."

Oddly enough, some of the same gamers I know who will complain about a rigid rule-set that doesn't let them do what they want to do are the first to freeze when given a free-style "make it up!"


   Mike, High Priest of Glitnir

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