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I'll ask Laura about her character, but...


While we're absent, assume Huginn has relocated to Rostov and is acting as an agent there. I was gonna ask the Ref for a "Prophet of Glitnir" title, but I guess that's Cyrul...

He's lvl 8,so I'm just trying to check off lvl 8 Ignobles for fun. Otherwise, he (and Leon and Bailey) are all lvl 8 NPCs and basically retires. Red, I'll get you their sheets (An update for Leon) for NPC reference before we leave. Just try not to kill them in campaign events while we're gone. Surely, you'd want to hear me groan if such happened! Tony would miss out on laughing at me to my virtual face!

A note on Huginn's "Loss of Magic:" Well, back when we had to name our character's greatest fears, Huginn's was that the Old Gods are dead, forgotten and don't hear the prayers of the Faithful. Fine. We've never encountered an "Old God," or many of their artifacts. We've killed the Sea God trio. It's true! The Old Gods ARE dead and gone and took magic with them. Glitnir? I've met him! I have iridium cubes I got from him (Red - potential future "Holy Relics?"). Glitnir is a powerful Titan, but he is no God... But starting his Temple? Giving him worship? That will empower him to truly BECOME a God, thus restoring magic. Thus does the player justify his Mage losing belief in his magic. This flashed into my head, entire, within a minute of the die roll.

I was kind of hoping to roll that result. I think it's funny a "dedicated Mage" dude lost faith in his own power at lvl 8...

On the gripping hand, I picked up enough Personal, Mount and Blade Swaggering tonight to move all three columns up to the next bonus tier for Combat Swaggering results!


   Mike, High Priest of Glitnir

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