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Having run a couple of failed kickstarters, Kickstarter only gives funds if the target number is reached. Yes, on one of the kickstarters i co-ran I ALMOST put in the $300 needed to hit goal to take the $600 that had been pledged. Then I decided that was a "dick move," and that if we were willing to settle for "partial" funding, we should have used "Go Fund Me" instead.

That said, they asked for 15k pounds and raised 150k pounds. That's NOT "insider money." If you have the insider money to do 1000% of your goal, then you didn't need to do a kickstarter in the first place.

Ah, 100% compatible with the Blue/Red box? Watch them dance around avoiding the dreaded letters "D" and "D." Hope Erol Otus gets his cut.

For old-school unofficial D&D knock offs, ya still can't beat David Hargrave's Arudin Grimoire!


   Failed Kickstarter Mike

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