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Author's Ramblings on Part 1


Part two is coming, but I doubt it'll be up before we leave for New York Weds morning. I'll try and have it up before we get on the ship Sunday morning. I actually hadn't intended to do this as a two-parter, but... Something Red left in the discussion thread for the Specialist/Cargo/Goody situation makes things work better with a split before the war.

Hey, Red? If I remember correctly, Alexandria is still independent. Who is Governor, there? When I do my inevitable re-edit for the PDF I'm wondering if I need to add Alexandria to the "alliance" I'm hinting at. Then again, such an alliance might not fit into your schemes for the next chapters. Also, it would kill my "oh-so-funny" "French Quarte/Quarter" pun.

This is where I'll ask for the Mission Titles for the Complex War in Europe and the Colonies.

Else, in the narrative, the Specialists ended up being somewhat useful. Obviously the Defrocked Priest sabotaged Pounce to get closer to his prey, and obviously the Astronomer was messing with our charts! Take THAT random card flip that took us to Ethiopia!

I used to use the term "Reverse Justification," until the culture coined "retcon."


   Mike Myke Mique

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