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Interesting... You may have goofed my last Chronicle


I didn't finish my final Chronicle before boarding our ship, but I will upload later today once we can check into our hotel...

Just know for now, Leon is in-route to supervise Pounce's repairs. Try not to sink her before he arrives. The former Admiral should be a wealthy man assuming his credit with the Fuggars is still good. If the Pounce is restored to seaworthy status, and delivered into his hands, Leon will personally reward those PCs. He should have more than enough for a Prizes Ignoble for under lvl-5 PCs.

Don't trust the Genoan. Those guys hate Leon. As the Ref wrote a year and more ago, Leon's name is an insult in Genoa. "Mangy Alley Cat" indeed! Late Genoan Admiral Lorenzo shouldn't have picked that fight.

Leon's player appreciates this is a mission. Sorry to be missing it, but Red seems to enjoy messing with Leon every time Laura and I go off grid.


   Mike Myke Mique

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