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Yeah, yeah, it's still late.

This is the final chapter of the "Chronicles of the Vert Valliant." The Campaign continues, but with the massive changes in the Campaign, and with the shift to the Reformist Era, the time of the Vert is done.

I may take over the recaps from Red again at a future time, but, first I need friends and family and co-workers to stop distracting me by dying.

FWIW, the tenor of the ending is something I've had planned since before we played the mission. Call it my theater geek/film nerd background, but a story requires character motivation to have meaning. RPGs are, generally, plot based (i.e. centered around the events and actions) not story based (centered around the character motivations and personal growth), and, as Diaz began the Chronicles, it seemed fitting to end with an appeal to him. Besides, Red was nice enough to tell me via email the Pounce had been salvaged. That just tied into my chosen theme. Better, actually, as, initially, it would have been a sadder Leon without his ship. Instead, there's a bit of hope and rebirth, which ties nicely back into the Campaign shift into a new Era.

Hope y'all have enjoyed.

This was written and completed before you guys played the last session. The current mission may make the "facts" of this narrative "wrong." Oh, well.

Fellow players, I hope my interpretations of your characters have been mostly consistent with your own interpretations. While my own characters get to be the protagonists (and Laura's benefit from my running things by her before I wrote them. Moridin's "Going native" in Japan comes from me, but she approved), I've tried to make certain everyone got a chance to shine. I think Francois Duclos got the "coolest" speech of the saga.

Otherwise, I've been a gamer since 1979, and I think these last two years of Cutlass have been the greatest Campaign I've ever played. Red, you take that crown from Greg Morrison, who has worn it since 1992 - when we DID successfully put a PC on the throne...

Final note: Mission 35? is the fall of France and the liberation of Bon Valliant all a single mission? Alex and Henri was Mission 33, so the fall of France is 34, the Liberation of Bon Valliant is 35... So the restoration of the Pounce is 36? Ah, who cares? I've been up for 30 hours at this point.

While I'm at it, have a good holiday season, gang. Looking forward to gaming again in 2020.


   Mike Myke Mique

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