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What do rivers in Egypt have to do with anything


From the thread "Mission 34 Starting Decisions" currently on page 2 of the forum, in the response titled "Pounce probably towed back to France" dated 11/7/209:

"Needs repairs, but I won't take the vessel fully from Leon."

So, he may have to take it back by hook, crook or bribery action, but it's not a hope I pulled completely from my buttocks, nor an act of denial.

This is also why Leon's letter to Diaz says "I accept the gift." It's a direct reference to the Forum thread...

The former Admiral might come into play as a Knave Encounter. He has a lot of Swaggering Techniques. I'll check his list and let you know, since, in response to this post you now MIGHT actually bring him into play as a Knave and let the current PCs kill him in my absence as an object lesson to not snark at the Ref. "Colon-close-parenthesis"

He's truly an NPC now, so, if he meets Admiral Lorenzo's fate, it would be ironic, but, really, wouldn't you rather have him hanging out with Diaz committing acts of pyracy (see narrative). "Colon-Capital 'D'."


   Mike Myke Mique

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