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Good thing for Bailey Leon doesn't hold grudges!


Well, sheesh. Alain served with Leon in Japan. Of course he'd take her. Even rebuilt she's better than most other ships. ;-)

Jokes about Leon as a Knave aside, Leon AND Bailey both have Ignobles for group loyalty. Leon would ask, cajole and bribe, but not attack. If he has any wealth that is still honored, he'll contract a new ship. If his resources are gone, he'll recruit a band a take one. If Leon can take a Galleass from a raft with only the aid of some low-level PCs, then he can obtain another vessel soon enough.

NPC Leon's next vessel would be "Lion's Paw." Laugh not at the paw. it seems harmless and fuzz with jellybean toes, but a cat's claws are among the nastiest natural weapons in an animal of it's size class....

More Leon (and Bailey) updates headed Red's way via e-mail.

Otherwise, *shrug* if I get a narrative out promptly, the Ref has used them as a guide/inspiration for future missions. Be late a month (2019 has been a tragic year I won't get into here), and no-one cares about the narrative but me. I thought I had a rather nice ending! I'll only say I wrote as accurately as email and forum communication allowed at the time. (cf, my prior post and post of 11/7).

Have a good follow-up tomorrow. This trip is "business" not pleasure, so we shan't stay up till 5am to join in, but I'm working through the last session video.


   Mike Myke Mique

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