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Governor of Incago


Way back in time, right after we conquered the Incago City the Ref asked me to make an "Overseerer of Incago" character. If he is the current governor...

Oy, he was constructed as a very unpleasant character. A violently racist, Papist fanatic whose lvl-0 skills included Slaver, Inquisitionist, and Goldsmith. His very name indicated his unpleasant nature. He is a man I would never play, because he'd sell each and every one of you out in a heartbeat, and, even in a rough game-world like Cutlass/Outlands/Era Ten, I prefer characters with actual redeeming traits.

He should be justly feared and loathed by his Incago subjects, and mistrusted by the party. Just saying.

Pietre Trou d'Cul is a dick.


   Mike Myke Mique

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He also had his cannons misappropriated by a Bonaventure -- red (posted: 12/22/2019) 
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