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Novels first, other adaptations later.


Helps the current production that the book saga is complete. Unlike Game of Thrones there's an ending to the saga. Now, as long as the producers don't rush the end to eun off and make Star Wars movies...

Saw the first episode one night in Ireland. Figured we'll ho back and watch the rest on our return - although I don't understand the popularity of the song from the first episode, because the bard failed his "lyrics" roll.

We board a ship in nine hours for our return journey. Will be off grid for 11 days. We pass through the Bermuda Triangle on the way - *spooooky!* - so, if we're never heard from again, blame aliens...


   Mike Miller

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Toss a Coin -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 1/11/2020) 
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