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Petroleum jelly... It's not just for chafing anymore...


Laura sez she thinks Lady Moridin is still lvl 7,so I guess only Conrad, Tony and I have lvl 8 dudes...

... And since my lvl 8 Occult Scholar dude is a High Priest of Glitner who hit a Warped Outcome of "no longer believes in Magic" and his established Greatest Fear was "The Gods are dead, gone, and no longer answer prayers," it's pretty obvious Huginn Sagesson has lost his Faith, decided Glitnir is Dead, and has become a mad NPC Prophet of nihilism...

On the other hand, with my Lvl 2 dude, I remember what it's like to check seven Ignobles in one play session!


   Mike, son of Mike

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Depends... -- Mike, son of Mike (posted: 1/24/2020) 
Gotta Check Them All! -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 1/25/2020) 
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