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I remember Greg Squires had a Necromancer character once where a side effect of his "Spirit Sight" was glowing eyes.

Between Adventures he would sit in taverns, eyes glowing for no reason. If adventurers approached he would randomly send them on a Quest to attain the Staff of Redrum (I don't remember the actual name Squires used).

Of course, eventually, Greg Morrison - our Ref - had Redrum appear and demand to know exactly what the problem was, and why Squires kept sending Adventurers for the staff!

I also remember Squires torturing a lacky for info. The poor NPC was tortured, killed, tortured as a spirit, resurrected, and tortured some more. The lacky finally sobbed his Master had threatened to torture unto and after death any who betrayed him. Squires responded, "You THINK he'll do that. You KNOW *I* will."

Got the info.

It was 20+ years before I saw a more brutal interrogation in an RPG, and that... Was Laura.


   Mike, son of Mike

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