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Wasn't acted, so much as described. Not "Cosplay."


It played out in a similar fashion as I described. The two Gregs didn't spend minutes "acting" at each other.

Note this was around 1992-93. A time in which a younger Red Rahm advised Refs to have a variety of voices in which to use for NPC's and who would whip out a southern accent for J.W. Walker.

Now, if you wanna talk bad acting, there's a Trek based semi-LARP in which I played the Captain on trial for Prime Directive violation. After my first "performance" tge Ref's asked me to reprise the role for the next session. I did. First time the Captain was honest, sincere and was found guilty (he wasn't). 2nd time he was an unrepentant, arrogant prick, and... Wasn't found guilty of Prime Directive violation (which he wasn't), but WAS found guilty of Negligence and Conduct Unbecoming (which he was).

Good times for early 20's theater major Mike, but I'd not want to play out the game these days. Oh, I'm still character/motivation based... I just saved all the dialog for Cutlass recaps. I think I gave Duclos and Diaz a few good lines.


   Mike, son of Mike

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