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Ansbach first?


Seems smart to do the big money payoff with the Mayaztec gold before inflation kicks in... But *I* didn't play that mission so I'm just volunteering to spend *YOUR* booty.

Otherwise, well, either do the Exiles and try to get them to accept Bonaventure (get ourselves back onto the "King Bonaventure" plot?) or Marseilles while characters who actually know the Archbishop are in play. That's Alain, Bonaventure, Chip Wildemoon, Louis Brighteyes, and Merd-a-din. Birmingham Brown, Le Meradin, Thomas DeMarchand,and Jean LeBeouf all met NPC Percy on a Vert Mission.

Either way, Ansbach and Marseilles seem the easiest two to accomplish. The Exiles gets in the way of Marseilles, so, if we want to get back into King-making, let's do it first, then we can apologize to Percy later.


   Mike Myke Mique

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